What We Do

At DUNCH, we’re focused on the long-term sustainability of the cultural sector. Our expert teams offer fundraising, recruitment and strategy tailored to client needs. We source strong leaders and share best practices for organizational success in a fast-changing world. We honor what makes creative organizations unique, operating from New York City, the world’s most diverse cultural capital.


At DUNCH, we are leaders in fundraising excellence for arts and cultural organizations.


Organizations Served

DUNCH team members have served more than 125 cultural organizations on three continents and across every artistic discipline.

Over half of our clients have re-engaged us.


New Dollars Raised

Think you’ve reached your fundraising ceiling?

We doubt it! On average, 45% of the total dollars we raise come from new sources.


New Prospects

Is your fundraising pipeline empty?

We have a strong track record of cultivating new prospects who become generous donors.

We offer a full range of fundraising and campaign services.
The best fundraisers in the field lead our teams.
We design high-impact campaigns that deliver strong financial results.


At DUNCH, we recruit experienced leadership talent and match organizational needs with extraordinary candidates.

Global Network

We know the talent pool, first hand.

We search the world for outstanding candidates and connect personally with hundreds of leaders per project, on average.

Persuasive Advocacy

We persuade exceptional leaders to advance their careers by joining your organization.

We typically undertaken in-depth interviews with dozens of top candidates per project.

Ensuring Success

We offer a continuing guarantee on each search.

Post-hire, we work to ensure a successful partnership through integrated executive and Board coaching.

We track a diverse pool of cultural leaders globally.
We work on a flat-fee basis – driven by your needs, not a commission.
We on-board new hires through integrated executive and board coaching.


At DUNCH, we partner with organizations to develop mission-focused strategy that is both impactful and fundable.

Diverse Projects

We serve commercial and non-profit clients whose businesses need game-changing innovation for the 21st Century.

Foundation Funding

More than one-third of our strategy work is underwritten by funders who recognize our firm’s strong track record in helping organizations build new capacity to succeed.


We partner with clients to develop actionable plans that adapt to disruption and seize new opportunities for mission advancement.

We monitor global trends in culture and conduct extensive benchmarking.
Our strategic plans address disruption and advance organizational sustainability.
We partner with you and your Board to craft your organization’s next chapter.