In Their Own Words

We’re proud of the work we do and the organizations we support. Please take a moment to read what our clients say about working with us.


CAN YOU CLONE ALL OF THE “DUNCHIES”?!! You are the smartest, hard-working, driven, high-quality, top drawer people I’ve had the honor to work with.

Staff Leader, Alliance of Resident Theatres/ New York

At DUNCH, you know better than anyone what it takes to keep art alive and empower every kind of person to make change. I have learned such a tremendous amount from you, and can never thank you enough for what you’ve done for me and my company. Emma, you are a role model: I am so grateful for you leadership, for your guidance, for your genuine care, but also for your no-nonsense work ethic. You and your team are invaluable to me, but also to this country and our culture and the planet! Thank you!

Board Leader, Dorrance Dance

Emma Dunch and her team are the “go-to” development solution in the non-profit arts industry. Her hands-on style, teaching and support make you feel like she really “gets it.” Our development needs were great: from rebuilding our database, to running our Gala, to hiring key staff, to creating a sustainable development model that we could live and grow with: Emma Dunch and her team can and did do it all. We could not recommend better development consultants in the business.

Staff Leader, Harlem School of the Arts

DUNCH had a very energetic, creative, multi-faceted, data-driven approach to its campaign consultancy. All staff exuded a positive, can-do attitude. Additionally, the team was very responsive to feedback—which is where the creativity came in—and this made DUNCH highly effective. The work completed was excellent, and fulfilled the organization’s goals for the project. I was happy to work with the team and found every part of the service excellent.

Staff Leader, ART21

Thank you so much for everything the DUNCH team has done. It is excellent work.

Staff Leader, Houston Symphony

I believe that anything is possible in partnership with DUNCH. They work with us to make the impossible, possible.

Staff Leader, Gibney Dance

Your support on every level means so much to us. Thank you again so much! We look forward to great things in the future!

Board Leader, On Site Opera


I would like to express my utmost respect for your expert handling of [our project]… your light-hearted leadership with our collection of “original thinkers” and “strong personalities” took a particular type of diplomacy. We are poised for a new era, and excited to be on the front line. Thank you for being such professionals at this very important moment in our history.

Board Leader, Museum of Arts and Design

I know many recruiters, and I think DUNCH set an extremely high standard, relative to the competition.

Search Candidate, Dartmouth College

We’ve worked together on a number of searches together and we’ve already recommended the company to colleagues.

Staff Leader, Public Theater

I think the service and passion that you bring to the table is top notch. You really consulted with us and helped to push us through the search process, even when some team members started to get cold feet. Well done.

Board Member, Cincinnati Ballet

The best Position Guide I’ve ever seen. Great job!

Staff Leader, Boys & Girls Club of America

The interview itself was very comfortable—I especially appreciated that chat with Emma ahead of time in order to assess personal strengths/weaknesses and to strategize on presenting the best case, since the “perfect candidate” is such a rare find.

Search Candidate, Cincinnati Ballet

Emma, I really just want to say thank you for your incredible support during our interview visit. My family and I are truly moved by the hospitality we were shown, and the fantastic organization of our time there. You are quite an inspiring force of nature! So good to get to know you through this process.

Search Candidate, Dartmouth College

Emma and her staff were direct and did not waste a lot of time. The interviews were well prepped and I knew exactly when, where, and who the interviews would involve.

Search Candidate, Cincinnati Ballet

I felt that I was treated exceptionally well, even though I was not ultimately offered the position.

Search Candidate, Dartmouth College


I thought that DUNCH did an extraordinary job in this rather challenging assignment. They kept the various personalities at MAD on track and marching toward a common goal. And they steered the process through to a successful final outcome. I cannot imagine how they could have handled this process any better, and would wholeheartedly recommend them for all types of future work in this space.

Board Leader, Museum of Arts and Design

Emma and the Dunch team are incredibly thoughtful and thorough in their investigation of a company at all levels. In preparing a strategic plan, they really took the time to understand each department and how it fits into the larger function of the organization.

Staff Leader, New York Theatre Workshop

Outstanding result: a thoroughly researched model, with a clear blueprint for how to make the vision a reality… a wonderful job… a home run!”

Board Leader, Figure Skating in Harlem

Fun, go the extra mile, amazing, supportive, experts!

Staff Leader, Australia Council for the Arts

You are positive, with a “can do” attitude. Supportive of staff, and willing to listen to the “grey areas” that may not appear in the review and planning process.

Staff Leader, Dieu Donné

Dunch’s work set in motion a course for the future… which answered the question about what was best for dance in New York City and in America. Emma demonstrated the sort of thought leadership and a “do what it takes to succeed” approach which all of us in the arts so need. I am very proud to have worked with her and offer my highest recommendation.

Staff Leader, Dance/NYC

Dunch stabilized and enhanced the organization’s financials, identified and cultivated new leadership, and empowered a newly revitalized Board–all in six months. Deliverables were fully met, and on time. Through it all, Emma maintained an upbeat positive attitude that was infectious. I could not recommend her more highly. She is professional, efficient, and effective. I have referred several people to Dunch since that time.

Board Member, Longwood Symphony Orchestra

Dunch worked with HB Studio’s Board, staff, faculty, and constituents to craft a strategic plan for this 68-year-old New York theatre institution. Their approach was powerful and astute, demanding but always positive. They provided the penetrating analysis and financial vision we needed to address those aspects of our business model that were no longer serving our core mission. Emma inspired us with her own boundless energy. The result is a blueprint for profound change which is specific, clear, do-able, justified, and right. She was a great pleasure to work with and has my highest recommendation.

Staff Leader, HB Studio